The Differences between Little Reader Touch App and Little Reader PC

Both Little Reader Touch and Little Reader (PC version) are excellent tools to teach babies and toddlers to read. However, Little Reader (PC version) provides more features in comparison to Little Reader Touch. Those features include a more structured and curriculum, more downloadable content, more settings for customization, and the ability to create and edit content using built-in tools.

Difference between Little Reader Touch and Little Reader (PC)

Features available on the Little Reader (PC) software that are not available on Little Reader Touch:

  • Structured Curriculum
    Little Reader comes with a 6 month or 12 month curriculum, where every day's lesson is planned out for you, including a mixture of multisensory, word flash, picture flash, pattern phonics, and story lessons. The curriculum guides your child gradually from single words, to couplets, phrases, sentences, to full stories. All you need to do is to press PLAY each day, without having to think about what content to show your child. Lessons are designed to last about 5 minutes each time.
  • More Content Included
    Over 180 categories included in the 12 month curriculum
  • More Downloadable Content
    Over 2700 content files in English and over 1200 content files in 27 other languages, many of which are free.
  • Create and Edit Content
    Create your own content using your own photos, videos and sounds, and edit any of the pre-installed or downloaded content.
  • Powerful Tools
    Little Reader comes with powerful tools that help you create and deliver powerful lessons, such as Picture Editor, Easy Voice Recorder, and the ability to print out your lessons.
  • More Settings Options
    Many more options available to allow much more flexibility and versatility in how lessons are displayed, such as using custom fonts.

And many more! Check out Little Reader (PC) by taking a free trial. Visit for more information.

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