Finger gestures to use during lesson playback

You can use a few easy finger gestures to navigate through the slides during your Little Reader Touch lessons:


To advance to the next slide, swipe your finger from right to left

To repeat the current slide, swipe your finger from top to bottom

To go back to the previous slide, swipe your finger from left to right

If Tap to Next Slide is turned ON, tap once anywhere in the screen to advance to the next slide

To stop or exit playback, tap the Exit button at the top right corner of the screen


NOTE: If you've selected the option to use 2 fingers from the Settings window, make sure to always use 2 fingers for swiping during playback. You can change your playback preferences by tapping the Settings button (cog wheel) found at the bottom of the Lesson Library screen or at the top left part of the Little Reader Touch Home screen. Learn more about the Settings screen.

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