More about the different types of Playback Mode

Change the Playback Mode for your Little Reader Touch categories to present lessons in a different way to your child! You can choose from the following playback modes:

Default - This will play the lesson using the original playback mode set for that specific lesson (e.g., all Pattern Phonics lessons are set to the Word Flash mode, while other categories are set to the Multisensory mode)

Multisensory - This will play the word, followed by the corresponding picture and video (if available). Pronunciation recordings will be played together with the word and video slides, while a picture audio (commentary or sound effect) will be played together with the picture slide.

Word Flash - Words will be flashed and read out to your child automatically (i.e., no need to swipe through the slides)

Picture Flash - Pictures will be flashed and the corresponding word will be read out to your child automatically (i.e., no need to swipe through the slides)


NOTE: The Playback Mode option is only available for lesson categories. Course lessons have sections set to specific playback modes (i.e., Word Flash for Word Flash and Pattern Phonics sessions, Picture Flash for Picture Flash sessions, and Multisensory for Multisensory and Story Time sessions).



  1. Go to the Lesson Library and toggle Categories
  2. Select the category you want to play
  3. In the pop-up window, tap the pink button beside "Mode" (you'll see this just above the Play button)
  4. Select the playback mode you want to use from the dropdown list
  5. Once you've selected your preferred playback mode, tap the Play button to start your lesson


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