More about the Home screen

The Home screen is the very first screen you'll see when you launch the Little Reader Touch app. From here you can access your Lesson Library and several functions.


Here is a brief introduction to the buttons you'll see in the Little Reader Touch Home screen:



The Settings button located at the top left part of the Home screen opens the Settings window, where you can sign in to your BrillKids Account and customize your lesson playback settings. Learn more.

NOTE: In iPhone and iPod Touch, the Settings button is located at the bottom right part of the Home screen, beside the News & Updates button.



Play lessons as soon as you launch Little Reader Touch by going to your Lesson Library! The Lesson Library is where you can access and play back daily Course lessons and individual Categories that you've downloaded earlier. Learn more.



Get more Course or Category lessons on your Little Reader Touch by visiting the Download Lessons screen. If you're a licensed Little Reader (PC) user, make sure you sign in to your BrillKids Account to get free access to some of the lesson downloads! Learn more



Access the BrillKids Forum, the largest online early learning community worldwide, directly from Little Reader Touch! Join discussions on parenting, early learning, and share ideas and tips with like-minded parents from all over the world. If you have any question on how you can teach your child or anything about early learning, feel free to start a discussion at the forum!

NOTE: You need to sign in to your BrillKids Account to be able to post or reply to posts in most of the boards at the BrillKids Forum.



Learn more about Little Reader Touch and how lessons are presented in the app by tapping the About Little Reader button. In case you need a quick tutorial on how to use the app, just click on the Take a Quicktour button at the upper right part of the page (the Quicktour also starts automatically when you open the app for the first time).



New to early learning? Go to Teaching Babies to Read to learn more about it and find answers to frequently asked questions on teaching babies and toddlers to read.



Check out the latest news and announcements from BrillKids directly from Little Reader Touch by tapping the News & Updates button. If you'd like to receive email updates from BrillKids, tap the Subscribe button at the bottom of the News & Updates window.



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