How to Post a Review in the App Store

You can post a review for Little Reader Touch (LRT) at the App Store in two ways:


1. Click on the "Rate it in AppStore" button in your Little Reader Touch Settings window

  • Open Little Reader Touch
  • In the Home screen, click on the cog button at the top left corner
  • In the Settings window, find the "Rate it in AppStore" button and click on it (the AppStore review page for Little Reader Touch will open)
  • Type in your review and assign a rating for the app, and post your review

lrt-review-03.png lrt-review-02.png


2. Find the Little Reader Touch page in the AppStore

  • Open the App Store on your device (or open iTunes > iTunes Store on your PC or Mac)
  • Search for "Little Reader Touch" and click on the app icon (not the download / buy button)
  • Click on "Reviews"
  • Click on "Write a Review" and complete the form, then post your review

lrt-review-01.png lrt-review-02.png

NOTE: When posting reviews for any other app, you can follow method #2.

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