How to Delete Browser Cache and Cookies on Your iOS device

The Internet browser in your iOS device stores web pages, images, cookies, login details (if you enabled this) and other downloaded content in your device so that websites can load faster the next time you visit them. This storage space is called the browser's cache. Clearing it occasionally or regularly can protect your privacy and free up some space in your device.

If you are having problems with signing in to your BrillKids Account while using your device, try clearing up your cache and this may help solve the problem:

1. Navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu


2. Scroll down to the ‘Safari’ tab and open it


3. Scroll down again until you see ‘Clear Cache’ and ‘Clear Cookies’ tap on each of them for the erase to take affect


Remember to tap each of them individually; tapping only one will clear that specific setting. If your intentions are to clear all traces of your browsing history and session then you will want to tap on the ‘Clear History’ button as well. On the other hand, if you just want to remove saved passwords and saved web form fields then clearing just the cookies will suffice.

Clearing the cache and cookies on any device you are using is another way to ensure your privacy.

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