How to install and play courses on Little Reader Touch

If you'd like to play structured curriculum lessons on your Little Reader Touch app for your child, just go to the Download Lessons screen to download some courses!


Licensed Little Reader (PC) user? Make sure that you have enabled iAccess to download your purchased courses onto your iOS device. Once you've enabled iAccess, sign in to you BrillKids Account in Little Reader Touch to start downloading your courses from the Download Lessons screen. Click here for instructions on how to enable iAccess.


Don't have Little Reader (PC)? You can buy categories (short lessons) directly from the Little Reader Touch app's Download Lessons by signing in to your Apple account. If you want to download courses, you'll need at least a Little Reader Basic (PC) license and iAccess - these products are sold separately at the BrillKids Online Store or at our local distributors.


  1. Open the Little Reader Touch app
  2. Go to the Download Lessons screen

    NOTE: If you see a "Grown Ups Only!" message pop-up, just do a three-finger tap on the screen to proceed to the Download Lessons screen.
  3. When prompted, sign in to your BrillKids Account or tap the Sign in to BrillKids Account button at the lower right part of the screen to sign in. If you don't have a BrillKids Account, you may sign up for a new account by tapping the Sign me up for a free account button in the sign in window.
  4. Go to the Courses section by tapping the corresponding icon from the menu at the bottom of the screen
  5. Look for the lesson file that you want to download (e.g., English US Semester 1). Once you find the lesson you need, tap once on the FREE button for that file. The button will change to say "Download" - tap DOWNLOAD to start downloading your lesson.

    Can't find your lessons? If you're using iPad, tap the right arrow button (▶) in the upper right part of the screen (beside the Refresh button) to go to the next page. If you're using iPhone or iPod touch, scroll down the page and tap "Show more..."
  6. Depending on the Course you're downloading, a pop-up dialog may appear as shown below – tap OK to proceed with the download
  7. You can check your download progress by going to the Downloads section
  8. Once the download is finished, tap the Open button to view the Course in the Lesson Library screen
  9. Tap the curriculum label at the top of the screen to select the course you want to play (if it's not yet selected)
  10. Select the Day you're in by tapping the Back or Next buttons, or by tapping the yellow bar and selecting the lesson you want from the dropdown list
  11. Tap the Play button (make sure you turn the volume up on your device!)


TIP: To ensure a smooth download process (especially as the courses have large file sizes), we highly recommend using a good WiFi connection. Click here for more tips.



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