How to enable iAccess for Little Reader Touch

As a licensed Little Reader (PC) user, you have an option to enable iAccess to unlock course downloads on the Little Reader Touch app. This way you can play your purchased curricula for your child even when you're on the go!


Don't have Little Reader (PC)? You can buy categories (short lessons) directly from the Little Reader Touch app's Download Lessons by signing in to your Apple account. If you want to download courses (e.g., English Semester 1 or 2), you'll need at least a Little Reader Basic (PC) license and iAccess - these products are sold separately at the BrillKids Online Store or at our local distributors. If you want to play lessons from the Little Reader Chinese Curriculum or any other language curricula, you need to buy the corresponding license(s) separately.


NOTE: Your Little Reader (PC) license key needs to be in the same BrillKids Account which you'll use when you enable (i.e., buy) iAccess. If you got your Little Reader kit from a distributor and you haven't installed and activated your software yet, please go to your Account Management page and add your key to your account first.


With iAccess, you will be able to access your courses on UP TO 3 iOS DEVICES where Little Reader Touch is installed (any combination of iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch).


Enabling iAccess can be done in just a few steps:


  1. Visit the BrillKids Online Store while signed in to your BrillKids Account and purchase iAccess for Little Reader Touch. Click here for instructions.

    NOTE: Make sure you sign in to the BrillKids Account where your Little Reader license key(s) are stored!

    If you bought iAccess from a local distributor (e.g., Vietnam): In the BrillKids Online Store's Shopping Cart page, enter the iAccess code that you received in the "Discount or Affiliate Code" box, then click the "Use this code" button. The cart should refresh automatically and show US$0.00 for the Grand Total. Proceed to checkout then click "Place Order" to complete the process.
  2. Once you're done checking out, launch the Little Reader Touch app on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. If you haven't installed the app, click here for instructions.

  3. Tap the Download Lessons button in the Little Reader Touch app's Home screen.

    NOTE: If you see a "Grown Ups Only!" message pop-up, just do a three-finger tap on the screen to proceed to the Download Lessons screen.

  4. When prompted, sign in to your BrillKids Account or tap the Sign in to BrillKids Account button at the lower right part of the screen to sign in.
  5. Go to the Courses section by tapping the corresponding icon from the menu at the bottom of the screen
  6. You should see green "iAccess Enabled" tags for the Little Reader (PC) Courses you've originally purchased.
  7. Start downloading your Courses by tapping the Free button, then the Download button. Click here for instructions


TIP: To ensure a smooth download process (especially for large content files), we highly recommend using a good WiFi connection. Click here for more tips.



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