How to use a BrillKids Affiliate Code in Little Reader Touch

Starting from Little Reader Touch version 1.7.300, you can now use your friend's BrillKids Affiliate Code to get a discount on Courses sold in the app's Download Lessons screen!


NOTES: Affiliate code discounts are only applicable for paid Courses and will not work for paid Categories. You may not use your own affiliate code.


Just follow these steps to apply an affiliate code before you buy a Course:

  1. Launch the Little Reader Touch app and tap the Settings button (cog wheel icon) in the Home screen, or go to the Download Lessons screen and tap the Use an Affiliate Code button
  2. In the Settings window, tap BrillKids Account under "General"
  3. At the bottom of the BrillKids Account window, type in your friend's BrillKids Affiliate Code in the Aff Code field and Little Reader Touch should refresh automatically to verify the code. In case it doesn't refresh automatically, tap the Refresh button beside the Status field.
  4. Once the affiliate code has been applied successfully, you will see a green check icon beside the message "Affiliate code applied" in the Status field.
  5. You should see green "10% OFF!" tags for the Courses sold in the Download Lessons screen's Courses section.
  6. You may proceed with buying and downloading Courses. Click here for instructions.


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