I Can't Find the Little Reader Touch Lesson File I Purchased

If you are having problems with a lesson you purchased in the Little Reader Touch app's Download Lessons screen, such as:

  • The app crashes right after you paid for the lesson
  • You didn't see anything being downloaded
  • You cannot find the lesson you purchased and downloaded

Try one or both of these suggestions:

  1. Restart Little Reader Touch and try re-downloading (make sure your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch is connected to the Internet)
    • After restarting the app, go to Download Lessons
    • Tap Downloads from the black menu bar at the bottom of the screen
    • Check if you can see any lesson that's currently being downloaded - if there are pending downloads, wait for these to finish
    • If you don't see any pending download, re-download the lesson (this will NOT make you pay again or re-purchase the lesson)
  2. Restore your purchased download (make sure your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch is connected to the Internet)

Once you're done downloading your lesson, tap the Open button for your new lesson to view and play your lesson. Alternatively, go to the app's Lesson Library screen and go to Courses (if you purchased a semester or curriculum) or go to Categories (if you purchased an individual lesson file).


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