Little Musician Lite: License Restrictions

What is a Little Musician Lite License? What does it mean to have one?

Having a LITE license means that your Little Musician software has a key which only unlocks limited functionality. (This applies to those who purchased only the Music Curriculum.)

Here's a list of what you can do with your Little Musician Program if you have a LITE license:

  • Play Courses: You can view or play your imported course lessons
  • Access the Tools Screen: You can use the Tools screen's Software Information, Backup/Restore Data, Support Tools, Speed Optimizations and Additional Settings (includes Language options) sections
  • Access the Support Screen: You can check your software manual, use Support Tools or contact BrillKids Support
  • Access the Forum: You can post and ask questions directly to the BrillKids Forum
  • View the Start Guide

Here's a list of what you CAN'T do with a LITE license:

  • No Access to Play & Edit Screen: You can't edit or change existing lessons; you also can't create or edit your own Music Notes, Clap-Along, Knowledge or Courses.
  • No Access to Free Play Screen
  • No Access to Media Library Screen: You can't view, edit or add your own icon sets, voice sets, instruments, midi songs and solfege labels. 
  • No Access to Playback Setting Options: You can't edit or customize your playback presets and game presets, and you can't edit the Master Settings too. The only playback options available are the Keyboard Lock, Voice & Clap Volume and Music Volume controls.
  • No Access to Resources: You can't view additional lesson resources (i.e., YouTube videos and Downloads)
  • No Import/Export Function
  • No Access to Easy Voice Recorder

If you would like to unlock the FULL FUNCTIONALITY of your Little Musician program, you need a Little Musician PRO license key.

The Little Musician PRO Key can be purchased separately, or you can simply buy Little Musician Basic (includes Music Curriculum + PRO).

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