The Instruments Tab

NOTE: This feature is only available with Little Musician Pro.



The Instruments Tab shows a list of Instruments that are played alongside the notes and the rhythms they are assigned to during playback. At the bottom of the screen are buttons which you can use to add, rename, and delete your Instruments.


  • New Instruments Group - An Instruments Group is a collection of different Instruments which have a specific playback setting – Instruments included in an Instrument Group can be played randomly for each slide OR for each playback. In effect, using Instrument Groups lets you randomize the instruments played along with your lessons!


Create a new Instrument Group by clicking on this button. Type in the name of your new Instrument Group and press Enter on your keyboard.

To add existing Instruments to your new Instrument Group, simply select the Instruments you want from the Instruments list and drag it towards your new Instrument Group folder. You'll notice that the names of Instruments included in Instrument Groups are displayed in italicized font.

To remove an Instrument from an Instrument Group, select the Instrument and click on the X button (or press Delete on your keyboard).

  • Rename - Select an Instrument Set and click on this button to change the Instrument’s name.


  • Delete - Select an Instrument and click on this button to remove it from your instrument library.


  • Move (Up and Down) - Select an Instrument or Instrument Group and click on the Up/Down buttons to move it up or down the list.


  • Add - On the right hand panel is a list of all available instruments that can be added to your Instrument Groups. To add an Instrument to your Instrument Group, select the Instrument you want from the right hand panel and click on the Add button at the bottom of the panel.



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