Customizing Lesson Settings

NOTE: This feature is only available with Little Musician Pro.



To customize your Music Notes and Clap-Along lesson settings, go to the Play & Edit Screen. Select the lesson you want to edit from the Lesson Panel on the left side of the screen then click on the Settings button in the right side of the screen.


Music Notes Lesson Settings

The Music Notes Settings window lets you create and customize different types of lessons, such as Notes, Scales, Chords, Songs, and Rhythm.


  • Lesson Tab - At the top of the Music Notes Settings window's Lesson tab, you can select from the following types of Music Notes lessons: Notes, Scale, Chords, Song File, Random, and Rhythm.



Clap-Along Lesson Settings

This lesson type allows you to teach your child rhythm and beats. During these lessons, children songs (such as Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star) are played.


Under "Song File" you can select the song you wish play. By default, the "Song File" list will display the list of midi songs that come pre-installed with Little Musician. To add your own midi song file, select ADD NEW at the end of the list. You may also manage the list of available midi songs under the Media Library Screen (go to the Midi Songs tab).


"Clap Beats" allows you to select the different beats for clapping. For example, "1" means your child will be prompted to clap on the first beat of every bar, and "2 and 4" on the second and fourth beat of every bar, etc. "Mixed 1" will randomly choose a different clap beat every eight bars, and "Mixed 2" every four bars.


NOTE: Clap beats only appear for bars when the melody track is active.


You can change the melody instrument under "Melody Instrument" and the speed of the playback under "Tempo".


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