Song File

This lesson type allows you to play back Midi files (in "*.mid" format), from the song list in your Media Library.


NOTE: The following feature is only available with Little Musician Pro.



By default, the Song File dropdown list will display the list of songs that come pre-installed with Little Musician. To add your own midi file, select ADD NEW... at the end of the list. Alternatively, you may manage the list of available midi songs in the Midi Songs tab of the Media Library Screen.



The "Real Time" option allows you to choose whether the song plays back in real time as specified in the midi file or note-by-note from the melody track (Channel 1 of the midi file).

You can also choose to play the melody track only or all tracks (full instrumentation) using the "Melody only" option.


The "Melody +12/-12" slider allows you to shift the melody track up and down by octaves, and "Transpose" allows you to transpose the entire midi song up and down by semitones.


You may also change the tempo (speed) of the song or use the default tempo as set in the midi file.


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