Missing Media Files in Little Musician

While playing your Little Musician lessons, you may encounter an error pop-up message entitled Media files missing, as shown below:



The "media files missing" error comes up because Little Musician cannot find the images, pronunciation files, or videos which it needs to play back the lesson you were trying to play.


There are a few common causes of this error:


1. You were unable to download your content file completely

If you downloaded your Little Musician content file from your BrillKids Account, it might be that your Internet connection was interrupted while you were downloading the file or there was a problem with your Little Musician.



1) Make sure you have a stable Internet connection and then re-download the content file. It is recommended that you stop downloading other files while downloading your Little Musician content file.

2) Connect to the Internet and launch Little Musician and it will automatically check for updates. If an update is available, proceed to update Little Musician to the latest version.

3) Your Little Musician may be corrupted. Please repair your BrillKids Little Musician.


2. You were unable to import your content discs correctly

If you imported your Little Musician lessons using the content discs that came in your box set, it might be that the import process was interrupted (e.g., the disc was accidentally ejected, your computer hanged or shut down, etc.).



Try re-importing your content discs, making sure that you finish the entire importing process. If that doesn't help, do try downloading the content files from your BrillKids Account instead. In case you have problems with downloading files, you may try the solution for #1 above.


3. You moved or deleted a file from your Little Musician Media Library folder

The media files used in all your Little Musician lessons are stored in your computer's Application Data folder (C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\BrillKids\Little Musician\Media Library). When you delete, move, or rename the media files in your Little Musician Media Library, Little Musician will not be able to find the files it needs to play your lessons.



See if you can undo the delete action, or rename the file back to its original filename and make sure you place it back to where it was originally. If that is no longer possible, you can just re-import your content files.



If you are still having problems after doing the suggestions above, send us a message using our Contact Form. Please make sure you attach a screenshot of the error, and list down the steps you took when you tried to fix your problem. Also, do attach a Diagnostic Report to your message so we can troubleshoot immediately. For instructions on how to create a Diagnostic Report, click here.


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