Settings Panel (The Free Play Screen)

NOTE: This feature is only available with Little Musician Pro.



The Free Play Screen has a Settings Panel at the bottom which has the following settings:



By default, the musical keyboard is shown in the Keyboard Panel. You can change it to the Chord Training mode by clicking on the Chord button at the bottom left corner of the screen. This allows you to play out the chords of C, F, and G in 3 different inversions each (9 chords in total), using both an instrument sound, as well as a solfège voice. To change back to the musical keyboard, simply click on the Keyboard button on the left side of the Chord button.


Volume Settings

Voice Volume - This lets you control the voice volume during playback.


Instrument Volume - This lets you control the instrument volume during playback.



NOTE: You can further increase or decrease volume through your computer and speaker volume controls.


Full Screen Mode

To expand the Staff/Keyboard Panel into full screen size, click on the button at the middle of the Settings Panel.



Enabling this setting will increase the length of time during which the sound of a note remains before it becomes silent.



Change the sound type of the keys by choosing either Instrument or Voice. You can also change the instrument used to play out the notes and the voice used to sing the solfèges.


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