Customizing Knowledge Lessons' Playback Settings

NOTE: This feature is only available with Little Musician Pro.



Little Musician has built functions which you can use to show your child Word Flash, Picture Flash and Multisensory presentations the way you want them to be played. All you have to do is adjust the settings in your Knowledge lesson's Playback Settings Panel!



Here are the different settings available in your Knowledge Lessons' Playback Settings Panel:

Playback Mode





Other Playback Settings


Playback Mode

The Playback Mode allows you to change how the lesson content is flashed during playback. Little Musician lets you configure your Playback Mode in five different ways:

  • Word, Media - This displays the word first, then the media files (image, video, and picture audio)


  • Word, Media, Word - This displays the word first, followed by the media files (image, video, and picture audio), and then the word again


  • Media, Word - This shows the media files before the word is displayed


  • Word Only (Word Flash Mode) - This flashes the words one after another


  • Picture Only (Picture Flash Mode) - This flashes a picture for each word one after another


When Picture Flash Mode is selected, you can choose to make Little Musician play pronunciations instead of picture audio (music or sound effects) during playback.



This dictates the order in which the words in your Knowledge lessons will be shown to your child. You may choose from two options:  

  • According to List - Words will be shown according to how the words are arranged in your Word List. You may adjust and change the order of the words in the Word List of the Word Settings Panel.
  • Random - Words will be shown in no particular order, regardless of how the words are arranged in your Word List. This lets you change your child s lessons easily and keep the content varied and exciting.



This group of settings lets you configure how the words are displayed during playback:

  • Letter Case - Choose how you want the words to be displayed (e.g., lowercase, uppercase, capitalize first letter, or the word's original case).
  • Font Type - Choose to display words in Arial, Times New Roman, Comic Sans MS, or Tahoma font types, or set Little Musician to use random font types.
  • Font Size - Choose the font size with which to display the words during playback.
  • Double Space - Turning this option on will display two or more words spaced more far apart than how they would normally be, to help your baby focus on each word displayed on screen.
  • Display Mode - Choose to show each word in one font color or in Split Mode, where two font colors are used to emphasize each syllable or part of a word.
  • Font Color - Choose which font color the words are displayed in during playback.



Select a background color to stimulate your child's brain during playback. You may specify a color or choose to have the background color change randomly for word slides or picture and video slides.



Choose to turn subtitles on or off to place small subtitles during playback for the current slide, and/or a preview of the next slide that will play. You may also specify the text size of the subtitles during playback.

  • Current Slide Subtitle - This displays a small box with the word corresponding to the flashed picture in the bottom center of the screen. This way you'll know what word to read aloud to your child.


  • Next Page Preview - This displays a small box with a preview of the next word at the lower right corner of the screen during your playback. This allows you to know what is coming up ahead of your child (especially useful if you have selected a random order playback), so you can say the word out loud as the next slide flashes.



Other Playback Settings

  • Number of Pics/Vids Shown - Choose how many images or videos will be shown for each word during playback. Selecting "All" will play back all the pictures or videos that are attached to that word.

This option is particularly useful if you want to emphasize the meaning of the word by showing different images of the same thing.

NOTE: If a particular word does not have that number of images or videos attached to it, the same image(s) or video(s) will be shown repeatedly until it matches the number that you have selected in your playback setting.

  • Rotate Media - Selecting this option will show the media your child has not seen as often as the others during playback. Each time you play the word back Little Musician will play the next image attached to the word. This can help your baby understand a word better by associating a word with more than one picture.
  •  Pronunciation On - Selecting this option will play the pronunciation file when a word is flashed during playback. Turn this option off if you prefer to personalize the lesson and pronounce the word yourself, instead of playing the default recording.
  •  Pic. Audio On - Selecting this option enables the recorded sound effect, song or vocal audio to be played when an image is flashed during playback.

NOTE: If the word does not have picture audio, turning this function on will enable the pronunciation to be played along with the word AND the image.

  • Video On - Selecting this option will play any videos attached to the word during playback.
  • Display words with pictures/videos - Selecting this option will display the word on the word slide AND on the picture and video slides. This will reinforce the meaning of the word as your baby will always see the picture or video with the corresponding word.
  • Allow Override - Selecting this option will allow Little Musician to override the settings in the Playback Settings Panel. If the Override button in the Play Panel is turned on (green light), all the playback settings configured in the Override Settings window will be applied during playback (i.e., the individual playback settings set for each Category will not take effect).
  • Pointer - Turn this setting on (green light) so that your mouse pointer is shown during playback. You can use your pointer to direct your child's attention throughout the lesson.

You may choose how your pointer looks like and other pointer settings that will take effect during playback by clicking on the Cog button beside the Pointer button:

    • Pointer size - There are 5 sizes available for pointers (five being the largest).
    • Pointer Color - Click on the button to pick a pointer color (the default pointer color is black).

TIP: The bigger the contrast between the pointer and the background color, the more effective it will be in drawing your child's attention!

    • Auto-Pointer Delay - Enabling the Auto-Pointer delay will make the pointer wait a certain amount of time before it moving below the word. You can specify the time the pointer will be delayed by moving the slider to the left or right side of the delay bar.
    • Show pointer for pictures - When you enable this option, your pointer will remain on the screen even when a picture is flashed during playback. This is useful when you want to draw your child's attention to the main object in the image (e.g., cat).
  • Auto Forward - Enabling Auto Forward (green light) allows you to playback presentations continuously, without needing to click a mouse button or press the spacebar to proceed to the next slide.


To adjust the Auto Forward settings, click on the Cog button next to the Auto Forward button. This will pop up a small window where you can set the speed of continuous playback minimum slide duration by adjusting the Auto Forward Delay bar.


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