Change Playback Settings for All Little Musician Lessons

NOTE: This feature is only available with Little Musician Pro.



To quickly change the playback settings for all of your Little Musician lessons, you can use the Override function.



When the Override button is turned on (green light), all playback settings set in the Override Settings window will take effect during playback, disregarding any playback settings previously set for each lesson. This function changes your lessons' playback settings temporarily – this means the original settings for each lesson will not be changed, and once you turn Override off Little Musician will play your lessons using their default playback settings.


You may also choose to override specific settings so that only those settings will be applied during playback, and the rest of the playback settings will be left as previously configured for each lesson. For example, the Split Display Mode setting under the Knowledge tab is turned on, all the words played back in Knowledge lessons will be flashed in split colors, even for lessons originally in normal display mode.


To use the Override function:

  1. Open Little Musician and go to the Play Courses or Play & Edit screen.

  2. Go to the Play Panel at the bottom of the screen and click once on the Override button to turn it on (the light will change from red to green).

  3. Next, click on the cog button beside the Override button to open the Override Settings window.

  4. In the Override Settings window, click once on the button beside the setting you want to customize to turn it on (again, the light will change from red to green), and after this you will be able to change the setting according to your preferred option or value.

  5. You may repeat step 4 for the other settings you want to change – for example, if you'd like to change the letter case, font type, and font size for all of your lessons, make sure you turn on and adjust all of the necessary settings.


    If you want to quickly turn all available override settings on or off, simply click on the button for "Set all to on/off" at the lower left corner of the Override Settings window and adjust the settings accordingly:


    Once you're done customizing your override settings, click on Save, and your override settings will be applied the next time you play your Course or Preset!


NOTE: To turn Override off, just click once on the Override button (this time the light will change from green to red). Turning Override off will not reset your override settings.

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