The midi file is not playing correctly in Little Musician

You can add any midi song file (*.mid) for use in your Little Musician lessons, but sometimes you may encounter playback problems, such as:

  • The notes (for the melody) do not appear on screen even when the song file plays just fine,
  • The notes on screen do not match the melody being played,
  • Or, the screen shows the notes for the melody together with the background sounds (e.g., other instruments or sound effects).

Such problems are related to the actual midi file that you're using – usually the issue happens because the melody track in the midi file is not on Track 1, or it's not the very first track inside the midi file.

Midi playback problems can be fixed by using a midi editing software to rearrange the tracks inside the file and put the melody on the first track. In case you don't have a midi editing software, you can try using Anvil Studio (a free software). The following instructions pertain to Anvil Studio – if you're using a different program, you can try finding the functions or controls that correspond with those described in the steps below.



Problem: The notes do not appear on screen, or the notes displayed do not match the melody being played

  1. Open Anvil Studio
  2. Go to the File menu up on top, then select Open Song
  3. Locate and select the midi file you want to edit, then click Open
  4. Select the Melody track from the file's track list (in most midi files, the melody track is named "Melody")
  5. Go to the Track menu up on top, then select Move track up in list
  6. You may need to repeat Step 5 until the Melody track appears as the first item in the track list, as shown in the example below:
  7. When you're done, go to the File menu, then select Save Song or Save Song As (if you want to save your edits as a separate file)
  8. Add your edited midi file to your Little Musician lesson and check if it plays correctly now

Problem: The screen shows the notes for the melody together with the background sounds (e.g., other instruments or sound effects)

Your midi file may actually have all tracks (melody, bass, instruments, etc.) together in ONE track, and this is why Little Musician displays the notes for everything on screen, instead of showing only the melody notes. Unfortunately such midi files cannot be edited so easily, so the best solution is to simply find another midi file.

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