How to restart the Little Reader Touch app

If you find that Little Reader Touch crashes or hangs frequently, or if the app works very slowly, you may try restarting the app and see if it helps.

NOTE: If you restart Little Reader Touch while you are in the middle of downloading or importing lesson content, the download or import process will resume as soon as you restart the app.


To restart Little Reader Touch:

  1. Go to the Settings screen by swiping down the top navigation bar and tapping the Settings button at the upper right corner of the screen, or by tapping the App button at the Home screen and tapping the Settings button.
  2. Tap Application manager/Apps.
  3. Look for Little Reader in the applications list and select it.
  4. Tap Force Stop to completely kill the process.
  5. Tap OK in the confirmation window to stop Little Reader from running.
  6. Go back to the Home screen and tap the Little Reader Touch icon to restart the app.

If you continue to have problems after restarting Little Reader Touch, you may want to try restarting your device.


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